Flyin’ Brian and BBQ, Brews, & Blues

Saturday, August 12 will be an eventful day in Brian Head this year, with two events going on throughout the day – the BBQ, Brews, & Brews fest, as well as the Flyin’ Brian mountain biking event. Head up for delicious BBQ as contestants from all over compete to see who can prepare the best chicken, brisket, ribs, or their favorite BBQ meal to date. Live music will be playing throughout the day, and there will be activities available for the whole family. Beer and brews will be available as well, so if you love beer, BBQ, good music, and food for the entire family, be sure to come up! Event goes from 9am-5pm.

Brian Head

As a part of a Go-Ride Gravity Series, Brian Head is hosting the Flyin’ Brian – a downhill racing series for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors and has a talent for mountain biking for August 11-13th. This is the last event for this racing series, with categories open for anyone from the pro level to junior, senior, and master men and women. The Utah Series State Champions will be awarded at this time. Visit for further details.

Brian Head Mountain Biking

Flyin’ Brian Categories:


Men — open, no age breakdown

Women — open, no age breakdown

Category 1:

Senior Men — 19 to 29

Junior Men — 13 to 18

Master Men — 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50+

Women — open, no age breakdown

Category 2:

Senior Men — 19 to 29

Master Men — 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50+

Senior/Master Women — 19+

Junior Men — 13 to 18

Junior Women –13 to 18


Info for the BBQ Contest:

Contact: Ron Burgess | Email: [email protected] | Phone: Cell (951) 537-8577

Set-Up: Friday, August 11 from 4 pm – 6pm | Event Time: Saturday, August 12 from 11 am – 8 pm

There will be a $50 entry fee for each team, teams will be required to provide their own meat for the following:

Categories: Chicken, Brisket and Ribs.

Teams can buy into the Peoples Choice Category for $25 which will include 2 pork butts judge by guests at each team’s camp. Teams can buy into the Anything Goes Category for $25, this category is open to anything your team would like to prepare, judging will be by the judges and the winner will be awarded all the entry fees.

Contestants will have 5 minutes to turn in their meats at the correct times, late turn in’s will be disqualified.


Judging will be by a panel of 6 judges.

2 – 10 points will be awarded for each meat and the Anything Goes in three categories, appearance, taste and creativity, points will be awarded as follows;

9 – Excellent | 8 – Very Good | 7 – Above Average | 6 – Average | 5 – Below Average | 4 – Poor | 3 – Bad | 2 – Inedible |


People’s Choice: 12:00 to 3:00, Guests go to the individual booths to place their vote.

Turn in times:

Chicken: 1:00 | Ribs: 1:30 | Brisket: 2:00 | Anything Goes: 2:30 | Awards: 4:00 pm on the Giant Steps Patio |


Grand Prize – Traeger Smoker, Trophy + $250 | Each category – Chicken, Brisket and Ribs

1st place – Award + $200 | 2nd place – Award + $100 | 3rd place – Award + $50

People’s Choice – Trophy + $100 | Anything Goes – Winner takes all of entry fees


Ultralight Camping & Backpacking

For those who frequent Brian Head in the winter, there’s no reason to stop there – Brian Head and Southern Utah are amazing places to explore in the warm summer months of the year. Backpacking is popular for adventurers in the area, so until the snow falls and the ski resort opens, backpacking is a great way to get to know the landscape and explore the red rock,  alpine mountains, and lush meadows Southern Utah has to offer this time of year.

Here’s a video from National Geographic on ultralight camping and backpacking to give you some inspiration for your next adventure this summer.